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Still time to register: Well-being for the elderly through art workshop in Kuopio 1st of April, 2022


There is still time to register for the Well-being for the elderly through art workshop. Follow our information in Kaikukortti.fi, the beginning of the event may be streamed!

“Culture brings life to life. – – Well-being is any kind of affairs and the sharing of experiences and the physical departure of these [arts and culture] places “. – Arja, expert by own experience, September 2021

“Culture is an activating, drug-free treatment for a memory-impaired brain, mind, and body.” – Seppo, expert by own experience, September 2021

Come and support the well-being of the elderly and caregivers through art and the Kaikukortti!

Come to the Kuopio workshop on Friday, 1st of January, 2022 from 8:45 am to 12 noon. The event will be held in the conference hall of the Kuopio Main Library at Maaherrankatu 12, 1st floor. After the workshop you can join the lunch (at your own expense) and networking.

We hear that it is your expertise that would be important!

Program is published:

    1. Accessibility and diversity in the culture sector: what are the barriers to older people’s participation in culture / cultural well-being services?
    2. How to find elderly people outside the services for art and culture? How to support the cultural participation of older people?
    3. Opportunities for artists to provide cultural well-being services


Induction loop will be available in the event. The language of the event is Finnish. If necessary, the event will be interpreted with written interpretation, sign language interpretation or Finnish-other language interpretation.

Getting around the main library is accessible. The main entrance on Maaherrankatu is unobstructed and there is a parking lot for disabled parking spaces. The entrance on Museokatu is also accessible and there are two disabled parking spaces on the street. The automatic doors open with a push button. Disabled toilets are available in the lobby and music department. The library also has a wheelchair and rollator for use of customers.

The event may be streamed (excluding workshop). Possible streaming and subtitled recording will be announced later.

Note. There is a registration for the event, as the event has a maximum number of participants. The last date for registration is Thursday, 17th of March. The link to the registration form: bit.ly/Kuopion-tyopaja.

The Cultural Well-Being for the Elderly project (8 / 2021–12 / 2022) is a joint project funded by the Ministry of Education and Science and coordinated by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), in which the Culture for All service partners are the Aili Network and the Theatre Center. The aim of the project is to identify and lower barriers to the cultural participation of older people and to find ways to get older people involved in culture.

The Culture for All service focuses on promoting equal participation in culture and cultural well-being of older people in a tight financial situation through the Kaikukortti activity. The Kaikukortti activity can contribute to building co-operation between social and health care and cultural actors. In addition, the project creates a basis for a nationwide approach to the development of cultural well-being aimed at the elderly.

With kind regards

Mira Haataja, project leader, Senior Specialist, Culture for All Service, , tel. 040 213 6339

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