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Why join?

”By accepting the use of Kaikukortti in all our activities I feel that I’m contributing to the users’ quality of life and promoting wellbeing. Promoting the wellbeing effects of art is for me personally an important value that makes the work more meaningful. Kaikukortti supports this.”

”With Kaikukortti we are able to reach many people who haven’t visited us before and/or wouldn’t have the possibility to do so without the card.” (cultural operator from Espoo)

”Along with the Kaikukortti customers the visitor rate grows. The events we offer also become better known and the threshold to participate is lowered. And the image of culture belonging to everyone clearly stands out.” (cultural operator from Kainuu)

”We have gained new students for our courses.” (cultural operator from Kainuu)

”Kaikukortti has already in the pilot phase deepened the cooperation between actors in the social welfare, healthcare and cultural sectors in Kainuu.” (Taina Hyvönen, director of Kuhmo Library Services, 2016)

”Kaikukortti creates a framework from which it is easier to perceive also other projects and programmes connected to, for example, the wellbeing effects of art and culture and the accessibility of culture!” (cultural operator from Espoo)

Being involved in Kaikukortti activities is an opportunity to, for example, reach new audiences and promote accessibility. The network includes more than 200 different small and big, public and private cultural venues that have joined the activities as a gesture of goodwill. Lately many sports venues and communities have also joined in.

Why join the network?

  • Participation in cultural life is a basic human right that all people are entitled to!
  • The aim of Kaikukortti is to improve the opportunities of young people, adults and families in a tight financial situation to participate in cultural life and engage in arts regardless of their income.
  • The aim is to promote economic and social accessibility and equality.
  • Research has shown that using cultural services and making art have an effect on people’s quality of life, wellbeing and inclusion in society.
  • Poverty is a problem in Finland.

For cultural operators, Kaikukortti can…

  • offer an easy and concrete way of promoting equality
  • enhance the accessibility of their operations
  • raise their profile
  • bring in new audiences
  • increase the occupancy rate of their performances and activities
  • strengthen their social status and the impact of their activities
  • create new forms of cooperation with actors in the social welfare, healthcare and wellbeing sector.
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