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Feedback on Kaikukortti

On this page you will find stories about Kaikukortti and feedback quotes. The feedback and comments have been obtained from, for example, surveys aimed at the Kaikukortti cardholders, card issuers and cultural venues and from Kaikukortti events.

”Culture really makes a big difference in a person’s mental wellbeing and state of mind”. (Kaikukortti cardholder in Espoo 2015)

”Thanks so much for Kaikukortti! It’s been wonderful to be able to go to cultural events, and even bring the children along, since I couldn’t possibly afford to get us all tickets otherwise.” (Kaikukortti cardholder from Espoo 2015)

”Has helped especially in supporting meaningful life for the clients and had a preventive impact in substance abuse work.” (Employee of social welfare unit in the Kaikukortti Kainuu network 2017)

”From an organization’s perspective, I see Kaikukortti as a possibility to reach new audiences and build up a positive and approachable image” (Cultural actor in the Kaikukortti network 2016)

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