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Committing to the Kaikukortti activities

The cultural operators and sports venues and communities commit to the Kaikukortti national guideline. The Kaikukortti supply should cover all the services of the participating venues that are available also to other discount groups. The venue can, in exceptional situations, limit the available Kaikukortti supply. Kaikukortti can be used for getting free tickets and course places among the services that are part of the national Kaikukortti network. The venue can set an upper limit, as defined in the national guideline, for tickets obtained with the card. Read more about the Kaikukortti national guideline.

An organization that is part of the Kaikukortti network should train its staff concerning the local Kaikukortti activities and the national network. Moreover, the organization should maintain internal guidelines with regard to the Kaikukortti activities.

An organization that is part of the Kaikukortti network must see to it that it always has a designated Kaikukortti contact person. Any changes in the contact personnel must be communicated to the person locally responsible for the Kaikukortti activities in the culture sector.

Committing to the Kaikukortti national guideline is a precondition for being in the network and issuing the card. In the Kaikukortti pilots, the locally responsible persons make agreements with the individual Kaikukortti partners for the duration of the pilot.

If and when the activities continue after the pilot, new agreements with the participating local actors are not needed, but agreements do need to be made with any new partners. Committing to the Kaikukortti national guideline is still a precondition for being part of the network. In practice, the partners commit to the guideline by, for example, having their names listed in the local Kaikukortti brochure and on the local Kaikukortti website.

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