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Tens of municipalities and regions are involved in Kaikukortti activities. Each local network maintains its own Kaikukortti website that describes in more detail where the card can be obtained and used in the given locality. Exact information on which performances and events the card applies to can be found on the websites of the participating cultural venues.

The aim is that Kaikukortti will gradually spread to all the interested localities. What does launching Kaikukortti activities in a new locality require? Read more in the section Launching Kaikukortti activities in your locality.

Kaikukortti is so far being used or piloted in the following localities:

A Kaikukortti pilot means that the system is being used for the first time in the locality. After the pilot, the locality decides whether the system will be adopted on a permanent basis.

Interested in Kaikukortti activities?

Are you interested in launching Kaikukortti activities in your locality? Read more about Launching Kaikukortti activities. Remember that you should contact the Kaikukortti support and development service as early in the game as possible.

Kaikukortti pop up

A Kaikukortti pop up venue is an operator from outside the Kaikukortti networks who offers as a special benefit free tickets to Kaikukortti cardholders in collaboration with the Kaikukortti support and development service. The system works in the pop-up venues in the same way as in the other Kaikukortti venues.

Kaikukortti pop up venues in 2024

In 2024 Kaikukortti pop up venues are in Helsinki and in Vantaa.

Kaikukortti cardholders have free entrance to the Art Museum Amos Rex, the Finnish Museum of Photography and to museums of the National Gallery: the Ateneum Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum in Helsinki. The Science Centre Heureka is a pop up venue in Vantaa. 

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