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Welcome to the Kaikukortti national website!

This website is maintained by the Kaikukortti support and development service. The site offers general information for Kaikukortti cardholders, anyone interested in Kaikukortti and for the issuers of the card, as well as for the participating cultural and sports venues and communities and the persons locally responsible for Kaikukortti activities. You will find further information about the local Kaikukortti networks on their own websites, which you can access through the Localities section.

What is Kaikukortti?

With the Kaikukortti card you can get free tickets for example to festivals, museums, theatre performances or concerts. You can also attend certain adult education courses free of charge.

Culture belongs to everybody, regardless of their financial situation.

The aim of Kaikukortti is to improve the possibilities of young people, adults and families in a tight financial situation to participate in cultural life and engage in art.

The card is issued to clients of the municipal social welfare and healthcare units that are part of the Kaikukortti network. The card is intended for persons who are over 16 years old and, due to financial constraints, can’t afford entrance tickets or adult education courses.

With Kaikukortti the cardholder can obtain free tickets and course places among all the cultural services that are part of the national Kaikukortti network. The cardholders can also obtain free tickets for their children or grandchildren to events that they will attend themselves.

A broad and fine group of cultural operators have joined the Kaikukortti activities as a gesture of goodwill. What does participating in the network mean to a cultural operator? Read more in the For cultural venues section.

 Could you get a Kaikukortti? Read more in the section Is Kaikukortti for me?

Do you already have a Kaikukortti card and would you like to check where you can use it? You can access the Kaikukortti localities’ own websites through the Localities section.

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