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Introductory material for issuers of the card

Our Finnish-language website offers national introductory material for issuers of the Kaikukortti card. The material is meant for informing new and old employees at least once a year about the Kaikukortti system. The material includes the Kaikukortti national guideline, as well as Kaikukortti manuals, introductory slides and a checklist for issuers of the card.

Besides becoming familiar with the material, it is important that the card issuer knows what kind of cultural and sports activities are available in their given Kaikukortti locality. It is important to introduce the local Kaikukortti activities to the clients through, for example, a local customer brochure and the local Kaikukortti website.

All the introductory materials (in Finnish)


Kaikukortti national guideline

The national guideline describes the national operating principles of Kaikukortti. All the Kaikukortti partners must commit to the guideline. This ensures that the system works in the same way in all the Kaikukortti localities. The guideline is based on equality and the right of the focus group to participate in our common cultural life. The Kaikukortti support and development service has developed the guideline together with actors in the cultural, social welfare, healthcare and wellbeing sector and the focus group.

The guideline was updated on 8 December 2021 and it is valid until further notice.

The Kaikukortti national guideline 2022 [PDF]
The Kaikukortti national guideline 2022 [DOCX]

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