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Where can the card be used?

With the Kaikukortti card you can get free tickets and course places among all the cultural services that are part of the national Kaikukortti network. Information on the units that issue the card and the Kaikukortti cultural supply is available on the websites of the different Kaikukortti localities. You will find links to the local websites in the Localities section.


Why doesn’t this website contain more detailed information on the Kaikukortti supply?

This website is maintained by the Kaikukortti support and development service. The website offers general information on the national Kaikukortti system. Please note that all the services within the whole Kaikukortti network are not listed on this website. The websites of the different Kaikukortti localities list the cultural operators participating in the activities locally. You can access these websites through the Localities section. If you want to find out about the activities offered by an individual Kaikukortti cultural or sports venue and the possible limitations to it, see the venue’s own website. You can also call the venue directly.

Some of the localities compile special tips regarding the local Kaikukortti supply and some have their own Facebook pages for presenting their activities. You can inquire about these from the Kaikukortti contact person in the area where you live. The contact information can be found on the locality’s own Kaikukortti website, see the Localities section.

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