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New Kaikukortti projects are launched

The Culture for All service launches two new Kaikukortti projects

The project Kaikukanta 2.0statistics and feedback systems for promoting inclusion and cultural well-being received a grant of 250,000 euros from the Ministry of Education and Culture for the period 1.1.2022 to 31.12.2023 (discretionary government grants for the recovery of cultural activities and creative industries funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU).

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health provided the project Kaikukortti influences – cultural well-being information to practical use with €419, 000 of funding for the period January 1st, 2022 until October 31st, 2024 (grant for promoting health and wellbeing).

The grants will enable the development and utilization of new digital functions for Kaikukortti and take the Kaikukortti to a next level serving its users better. The funding from both the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health makes it possible to utilize the data and statistics on the cultural well-being stored in Kaikukanta database. This information can be used in the planning and management by the social and health care, welfare and health promotion as well as cultural sectors.

Kaikukanta 2.0 – statistics and feedback systems for promoting inclusion and cultural well-being

The project focuses on developing Kaikukortti service operations and the Kaikukanta database from the user’s, or cardholder’s, point of view. The goal is to support the inclusion and agency of Kaikukortti clients and create a new web-based tool for tracking and recording one’s own use of Kaikukortti services. In addition, an objective is to enhance knowledge-based leadership within the cultural industry in order to improve the vitality and operating procedures of the cultural industry with the use of new digital tools. The project will also improve communication between cultural services and Kaikukortti clients and create new digital communication tools.

Kaikukortti influences – cultural well-being information to practical use

The project focuses on the development of information-based leadership in the social, health and wellbeing services with the help of Kaikukortti card and Kaikukanta database. The aim is to consolidate the Kaikukortti database system, Kaikukanta, which serves municipalities and wellbeing services counties in the utilization of information related to cultural well-being, and as a tool for evaluation of leadership and management in the social, health and welfare sectors. Therefore, the database supports the interface between actors in municipalities and wellbeing services counties. The aim is to increase the engagement and agency of Kaikukortti users by developing new services, such as a well-being-meter and a search service for a cultural companionship. In addition, a digital Kaikukortti card will be developed alongside the physical Kaikukortti. The project uses co-design methods.

Results of the workshops for the development of Kaikukortti 2022

During the fall of 2022, we invited people from the target group of the Kaikukortti, actors from the cultural as well as social, health and well-being sectors and representatives of the welfare area to the Kaikukortti development workshops both remotely and face-to-face in Tampere and Oulu.

In the workshops, we discussed the development of the Kaikukortti, with slightly different emphases, especially from the point of view of promoting well-being. Topics included social, health and well-being and culture operators could use the information and statistics obtained from the Kaikukortti in their own work and decision-making, what issues would be good to communicate between card issuers and cultural/sports operators, and in what ways the Kaikukortti holder and Kaikukortti destinations could communicate to each other, how the effects of the Kaikukortti should be measured and how Kaikukortti holder could monitor their own Kaikukortti usage. The results of the workshops are presented in the attached summary:

Summary of Kaikukortti workshops 2022 [PDF]

Summary of Kaikukortti workshops 2022 [DOCS]

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