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How does the card work?

Get a ticket with the Kaikukortti card through the cultural or sports venues’ own sales channels. When you are getting a ticket be prepared to show your card and state its ID code (letter and/or number series). You cannot acquire tickets from online shops with the card. The number of Kaikukortti tickets may be limited.

Some cultural actors have made an agreement with commercial ticket agencies about offering tickets through them. In this case, if you obtain a ticket through Lippu.fi or some other commercial ticket agency, you will have to pay the service fee, even though the ticket itself is free of charge.

Tickets for most of the cultural and sports venues can also be directly obtained from the venue without a service fee.

If you want to attend an adult education course, sign up normally for the course in advance and notify the school’s office of your Kaikukortti ID code (letter and/or number series).

The number of Kaikukortti tickets and course places may be limited.

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