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The new Kaikukortti website has been published


What is Kaikukortti? Is Kaikukortti for me? Why join in? You will find answers to these questions at the newly published Kaikukortti national website.

The new Kaikukortti.fi website offers a full set of information about Kaikukortti for anyone interested! The information is useful to both those who already have the card and those who are thinking of getting one. Card issuers, actors in the cultural and sports sector and persons responsible for Kaikukortti activities locally will find introductory material and instructions at the site. New partners can find out why it makes sense to join the network and what it means. The site also offers news updates and information about current and upcoming events.

The Papunet web service has assessed the accessibility of the website, and Kaikukortti.fi meets with the A and AA-level requirements of the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. The website can be browsed in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Welcome to learn more about Kaikukortti at www.kaikukortti.fi!

What is Kaikukortti?

Culture belongs to everyone regardless of their financial situation. The aim of Kaikukortti is to improve the opportunities of young people, adults and families who are financially hard pressed to participate in cultural life and engage in arts. With Kaikukortti you can get free tickets to, for example, festivals, the theater or concerts. Cardholders can also get a place for free at the courses of the adult education centers in the Kaikukortiti networks. Kaikukortti promotes equality and the accessibility of culture. ”Culture is highly important to a person’s mental wellbeing and state of mind” (Kaikukortti holder from Espoo in 2015). The national Kaikukortti activities are coordinated by the Kaikukortti support and development service. We are part of the Culture for All Service www.kulttuuriakaikille.fi.

Further information:
Culture for All Service
Kaikukortti support and development service

dep. project leader Seppo Mallenius

tel. 040 554 4321

project coordinator Marjo Oja-Kaukola

tel. 040 669 6544

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