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Survey for Kaikukortti card holders 14.6.-15.8.2022


The Kaikukortti is being developed with project funding from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.*

It would be great if you Kaikukortti holder could help and give your suggestions for the development of the Kaikukortti by answering the survey.

The survey is open from 14 June to 15 August 2022! It takes 1-5 minutes to answer the questions.

The survey can be filled in here: bit.ly/KaikukorttiSurvey2022.

The survey is anonymous, so do not write your contact information in the answers.

Thank you so much in advance!

* kulttuuriakaikille.fi/projects/-kaikukortti-influences-cultural-well-being-information-to-practical-use-

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