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Questionnaire to develop Kaikukortti card 10.3.–31.3.2023


We are developing Kaikukortti and Kaikukanta-database.

A questionnaire has been created to help and support which new features will be realised for Kaikukortti and Kaikukanta at this point. The questions present different and new features as well as functionalities. The respondents are asked to evaluate how important these aspects feel from one’s own perspective. The results will be utilized in developing Kaikukanta and Kaikukortti.

It would be great to get your perspective on this work! The questionnaire is rather long, but you can very well answer only part of the questions – the ones which you think are most important and relevant for you.

The Google Form of questionnaire is here: bit.ly/KaikukorttiDevelopment23

The deadline for answering is 31.3.2023.

The questionnaire is targeted both to the users of Kaikukortti and to the cultural and sports actors in the Kaikukortti-network, and also to Kaikukortti suppliers and the Kaikukortti responsible persons from municipalities and wellbeing services counties. The questionnaire is open also to other people interested in the subject. It is ok to forward the questionnaire.

The questionnaire uses information which was gained last autoumn in co-design workshops. In the workshops, Kaikukanta and Kaikukortti were discussed and different needs, wishes and developing ideas were raised. You can read about the results of the workshops at the end of Projects website: Projects (you will go to kaikukortti.fi).

The development work around Kaikukortti and Kaikukanta are made possible by two ongoing projects: Kaikukanta 2.0 – statistics and feedback systems for promoting inclusion and cultural well-being (you will go to kulttuuriakaikille.fi) (discretionary government grants for the recovery of cultural activities and creative industries funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, governed byt the Ministery of Education and Culture) and Kaikukortti influences – cultural well-being information to practical use (you will go to kulttuuriakaikille.fi) (grant for promoting health and wellbeing from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health).

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